High Quality Poultry Congress 2016

June 6 to June 7

Qingdao, China



June 06 - Day One

Industry/Trends: Challenges & Opportunities Impacting The Profitability of The Poultry Production Business
8h30 - 8h45 MSD Commitments and Partnership with Industry
Rob Barclay
8h45 - 9h30 General Trend of Poultry Genetic – Present and future of the Broiler Genetic
Raul Elias Lopez
9h30 - 10h15 Disease Trends in Asia & New approaches
Niwat Chansiripornchai
10h15 - 10h30 Tea Break
10h30 - 11h15 Linking Vaccine and Vaccination Technique to Better Performance – Insight into Infectious Bronchitis vaccines/vaccination techniques
Mark Jackwood
11h15 - 12h30 Q&A session
12h30 - 13h30 LUNCH
Convenience Program in action – Early Protection for A More Profitable Business
13h30 - 14h15 Taming the Challenge of Newcastle Disease in Asia – Innovative Approach
Liu Hualei
14h15 - 14h45 Best Practices @ work - MSD 360 Project what it means for us?
Bahng Jiyun
14h45 - 15h00 MSD Convenience Program @ work in the Fields
15h00 - 15h15 Tea Break
15h15 - 15h45 New Approaches for today and tomorrow high quality healthy chicks
Rik Koopman
15h45 - 16h30 Q&A Session
17h00 End of Meeting

June 07 - Day Two

Convenience Program in action – Early Protection for A More Profitable Business
8h30 - 9h15 Chick Quality: the 10 golden days
Qiao Zhong Feng
9h15 - 10h00 The Road to Antibiotic Free Production, are we ready?
Robert (Bob) Nichol
10h00 - 10h15 Tea Break
10h15 - 11h00 New approach in Coccidiosis control
Denis Yau
11h00 - 11h45 Best Practices @ work - Field Experience and value of Coccidiosis vaccination in Broilers
Qazi Muhammad Kashif
11h45 - 12h30 Q&A Session
12h30 - 12h45 Wrap up
Delair Bolis
12h45 - 13h30 LUNCH
14h00 - 17h00 Social Activities


Raul Elias Lopez

Technical Service Manager, ASIA Cobb-Vantress, Inc
Dr Raul Elias Lopez is the Technical Service Manager for Cobb Asia, focusing on Broiler Production.

Dr Lopez has more than 25 years’ experience in poultry. Before joining Cobb, Dr Lopez handled Poultry technical services which involved diagnostics and veterinary services and vaccine product support in his role as Poultry Technical and Marketing Manager in his 11 years with Hipra Philippines. Early during that time, he had functioned also as Poultry Specialist visiting Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.

Raul, graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988 and proceeded to work for Vitarich Corporation handling both broiler breeders and layer breeders as farm veterinarian. He also has been involved in the feed division of San Miguel Corporation as animal production specialist and had handled antibiotics and fly control product management and technical service for poultry for Novartis.


Niwat Chansiripornchai

Assoc. Professor at Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Prof Niwat received his Ph.D. from Universiteit Utrecht with major in Infectious Diseases and Immunology. His primary research areas include avian respiratory diseases such infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, haemophilus/avibacterium paragallinarum, avian influenza, and E.coli. He has published numerous peer reviewed research findings in local and international journals. More than 100 publications have been published.

He regards himself as veterinary practitioner in the field of Avian Medicine, disease investigation and diagnosis and Veterinary Epidemiology. Achievements include research in molecular interaction of pathogens and hosts. Member of Thai Vet. Council.


Rik Koopman

Dr. Koopman started his career as the senior veterinarian for a large cooperative/ integrator of CHV Feed (broiler & layer) in the Netherlands.

He has successfully advised poultry producers in implementation of biosecurity & poultry health programs. Rik has presented in numerous international symposiums on poultry disease control – especially respiratory disease such IB, ND etc.

Graduated from State University of Utrecht with veterinary degree, in 2001 Rik was registered as a Specialist in Poultry Health by the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association.

Rik joined Intervet International in 1997 as the Technical Manager for Poultry Products and subsequently was promoted to Global Technical Director, Poultry Business Unit in MSD Animal Health. He is a board member of the Dutch branch of WPSA.


Bahng, Ji yun

Clinical Support Team Manager Harim, Korea
Dr. Bahng has been working in Harim since 2007 as Clinical Support Team Manager. His department is in charge of disease control from GPS farm to broiler farm, checking the health of chickens and ensuring food safety. To do so, we are doing as follow; check sanitation of farm and hatchery, develop optimal vaccine program, make a diagnosis of disease, examine serological test and so on. His team is managing roughly 4 GPS farms, 90 PS pullets and laying farms, 500 commercial broiler farms.

Harim is Korea’s most famous food company and No. 1 Company in Korean broiler market. Harim integrated production at farm, processing at plant and distribution at market. Through this process, Harim developed the first successful agribusiness model in Korea. Harim produces 160 ~ 170 million broilers and native chickens per year


Mark W. Jackwood

Department Head - The J.R. Glisson Professor of Avian Medicine
Dr. Jackwood is a molecular virologist. His primary area of research is the study of avian coronaviruses. Specifically, he works with infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), a coronavirus that causes an upper-respiratory disease in chickens, and turkey coronavirus (TCoV), an enteric disease in turkeys, which is also associated with poult enteritis mortality syndrome (PEMS). Dr. Jackwood’s work involves the use of molecular techniques for the identification, characterization, and control of these viruses.

Department head, 2011-present

The 2014 Charles Beard Research Excellence Award (U.S. Poultry & Egg Foundation)


Liu Hualei

Professor Deputy Director of National Research Center for Exotic Animal Diseases, Qingdao, China
Prof. Liu obtained his PhD from College of Veterinary Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University; major in Molecular Virology and Immunology. Most recently he also had been working for African Union/Inter-african Bureau for Animal Resources (AU/IBAR) before returning to be Professor at the National Research Center (China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center, CAHEC).

His primary research has been related to Newcastle disease and also interaction with avian influenza virus. His research outcomes resulted in numerous publications locally and internationally. He is also often invited to speak in international symposiums


Qiao Zhongfeng

Technical Service Manager, China Lohmann Tierzuch
Dr. Chuah was born in Malaysia. In 2009, she graduated as a veterinarian at the Putra Qiao has been engaged in poultry breeding management over the past decades. Prior to joining Lohmann Tierzucht he was responsible for the breeding site management for Beijing Arbor Acres Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. He joined German Lohmann Tiezucht and responsible for China market development and technical services since 2002. In recent years, he is focusing on the introduction of the GP chicks and works closely with large layer producers, provides on-site management consulting, and has often been invited to present at seminars on related fields.


Qazi Muhammad Kashif

Director Live Operations FSQA and Supply Chain - Tyson Foods, China
As graduate of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Kashif has been associated with Poultry Industry for the last twenty years. In 2011 he joined Tyson Foods Inc. China. Current responsibilities include as the Director of FSQA (Food Safety and Quality Assurance) Live Operation and Supply Chain. Overseeing Live Operations Veterinary, Lab and Technical services.


Denis Yau

Regional Technical Manager - Asia Pacific - MSD Animal Health
Denis holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from National Taiwan University and earned his Master of Science from The Royal Veterinary College, University of London. He has worked in poultry technical service since 1989. Earlier in his career, he worked for a major poultry company in China as head of laboratory. He then worked for Intervet with increasing technical responsibilities before he became a prominent consultant in Asia. He joined MSD in 2015. He has strong field experience in respiratory disease control and management.


Robert (Bob) Nichol

Managing Director - Asia Pacific - EW Nutrition
Bob joined EW Nutrition GmbH in 2011 based in Singapore with the unique position to develop the South East Asia / Pacific business, Bob now runs 4 EW Nutrition companies in Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. EW Nutrition is a base producer for primary science based technical additives, including the IgYs and SPCs.

Bob has now has more than 20 years in Asia Pacific first working in Asia for a Poultry Genetics business then later living in China in the late 1990s, in 2003 while living in Bangkok he joined the feed additives industry as Technical Director for Poultry.

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