High Quality Poultry Congress 2015

July 22 to July 25, 2015

Melaka, Malaysia



July 22


July 23

Day one – July 23, 2015 – From Hatchery to Growout – An Early Protection for more profitable business
07h30 - 08:30


08h30 - 08h45

Opening (Delair Bolis)

08h45 - 09h45

Nitty-Gritty in Hatchery that Influence Chick Quality (Marleen Boerjan)

9h45 - 10h30

How to keep your bird breathing from start to growout - ventilation in extreme climate conditions (Tommy Krogh)

10h30 - 10h45


10h45 - 11h30

Optimizing Respiratory Protection – Continuous Improvement (Mark Jackwood)

11h30 - 11h45

Stop the Profit Robbers! (Ming Yong)

11h45 - 12h30

Panel Discussion Q&A (Abdul Rahman Omar)

12h30 – 13h30


13h30 – 13h55

Innovax in Practice (Jagbir Singh Dhull)

13h55 – 14h20

Protectotype in Practice (Hassan Sarosh Akram)

14h20 – 14h50


14h50 – 15h10

Innovax Experience in Philippines (Angelo Paolo L. Obregon)

15h10 – 15h45

Convenience Program: Convenience Audit (Rafael/Sarawut)

15h45 – 16h30

Convenience Program: MSD Devices & Diagnostic Support – Meeting Customers’ Expectations (Denis Yau)

16h30 – 16h40

Closing (Delair Bolis)

July 24

Day one – July 23, 2015 – From Hatchery to Growout – An Early Protection for more profitable business
07h30 - 08h30


08h30 – 08h40

Opening (Delair Bolis)

08h40 - 09h25

Uniformity to Profitability - A Practical Approach (Fernando Vargas)

09h25 – 10h10

Flock Quality: Why this will impact the way you do business. (Luciana Teodoro de Barros Belenton)

10h10 – 10h25

Stop the Profit Robbers! (Ming Yong)

10h25 - 10h55


10h55 – 11h05


11h10 – 11h45

Unlocking the Benefits of Enradin and Coccivac-B in the Field (Bill Hewat)

11h45 - 12h15

Group Photo and Closing (Delair Bolis)

12h15 - 13h15


13h15 - 18h15

Social Activity

July 25




Mark W. Jackwood

Head The J.R. Glisson Professor of Avian Medicine University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Jackwood is a molecular virologist. His primary area of research is the study of avian coronaviruses. Specifically, he works with infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), a coronavirus that causes an upper-respiratory disease in chickens, and turkey coronavirus (TCoV), an enteric disease in turkeys, which is also associated with poult enteritis mortality syndrome (PEMS). Dr. Jackwood’s work involves the use of molecular techniques for the identification, characterization, and control of these viruses.

Department head, 2011-present

The 2014 Charles Beard Research Excellence Award (U.S. Poultry & Egg Foundation)


Abdul Rahman Omar

Professor at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM Director of Institute ZioScience, UPM
Prof Rahman received his Ph.D. from Cornell University with major in immunology minor in virology and biochemistry. His primary research areas include avian Newcastle disease virus, infectious bursal disease CAV, and avian influenza. He has published numerous peer reviewed research findings in local and international journals.

His excellent scientific works won him many rewards including the “National Young Scientist Awards-2002” and “Excellent Service Awards- 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2011”.

Besides teaching at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM, Prof. Rahman is also heading Institute BioScience which house one the country most advance medical imaging facilities and lab.


Dr. Fernando Vargas

Global Technical Director
Dr. Vargas is a veterinarian, with more than 20 years dedicated to the poultry industry, in several areas, such as broiler health and management, breeders and hatchery, nutrition and feed milling. Has worked for some of the major Brazilian poultry companies. Joined MSD/MERCK AH in 2009, as Technical Manager. In 2012, assumed the role of Regional Sales Manager for the South region of Brazil, challenge he held until 2013, when returned to the previous function, as Technical Manager.

In 2014, was invited to assume the role of Global Technical Director, dedicated to the platforms of Intestinal Health (with the Go Beyond program), Food Safety.


Luciana Teodoro de Barros Belenton

Director, Grow out farms
Responsible for Cargill’s grow-out farms in Banta and Mingguan areas to provide broiler meat to PP in Chuzhou. Responsible for Poultry Health Center,and veterinarian team.

Prior Cargill, Dr. Belenton was with Keystone supporting the establishment of the corporate farm network, improving upstream control standards. Perform audits in hatchery, feed mill, breeder and broiler farms (Strategic Alliance – SA, and Approved Supplier List - ASL), with main focus in good agricultural practices, biosecurity, animal welfare, drugs usage, and traceability.

She also provides trainings to Field Service Team (FST) and meat suppliers (SA and ASL upstream management) regarding Animal Welfare, Good Agricultural Practices, Biosecurity, Diseases Control, and Drugs Usage. Define and manage laboratory strategy for upstream control. Evaluate new technologies and operation models to improve livestock performance. Member of the development team responsible for describe McD’s standards for China – chicken, eggs, pork, and bee.

MBA in Business Management – Fundaç ã o Getú lio Vargas, FGV, in May 2010. Specialist in Agribusiness Management - Federal University of Lavras, UFLA, in April 2003. Degree in Veterinary Medicine - College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, UNESP, Jaboticabal, in January 1999.


Tommy H. Krogh

Climate & Production Specialist
Tommy H. Krogh (50 years) holds a position as Climate and Production Specialist of SKOV Asia Ltd. Tommy is responsible for supporting the sales & service organisation in developing SKOV’s position in the Asian region through customer visits and on-site inspection of operating houses.

Tommy qualified as an Electronics Engineer (1985). He started at SKOV A/S in Denmark in 1987 as a Service Engineer operating in Europe before moving to Canada in 1990 where he had various service and sales jobs. After a few years, he returned to Denmark to a job as Poultry Branch Manager with responsibility for production monitoring and ventilation systems for SKOV A/S globally.

He moved to Asia in 2006 as Poultry Specialist for SKOV Asia Ltd.

In 2010 Tommy started with Aviagen as one of the International Technical Service Managers responsible for Asia. In April 2013 back at SKOV Asia Ltd as Climate & Production Specialist with responsibility for servicing the customers in Asia. Tommy has more than 25 years’ experience within poultry production and he has supported poultry producers across more than 50 countries.

Tommy is based at the SKOV Asia Ltd office in Bangkok, Thailand.


Marleen Boerjan

Director Research & Development Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies President Incubation Fertility Research Group (IFRG), WPSA working group 6
Dr. Marleen Boerjan has been senior scientist in developmental biology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She was project leader in research projects related to the development, in-vivo as well as in-vitro, of mouse, bovine and porcine embryos. In addition she collaborated in research projects on early chick development and breeder nutrition. Furthermore a patent using NMR-technology to separate fertile from unfertile hatching eggs was developed under the responsibility of Dr. Boerjan.

In addition she was a teacher in many courses in developmental biology and supervisor of many students in developmental biology.

At her current position as Director R&D, Pas Reform Academy she is responsible for new developments in incubation technology and Pas Reform Academy, including hatchery management trainings and writing papers on incubation.

She was and still is involved in research projects with respect to the influence of Incubation conditions on chick development and chick health after hatching.

She also works on innovative projects regarding the company’s incubators, hatchery automation and climate control systems. For the latter Ms Boerjan works in close collaboration with colleague hatchery and poultry specialists, software engineers, technical engineers and hatchery ventilation specialists.


Bill Hewat

Director of International Live Production and Veterinary Services at Tyson Foods
Dr. Bill Hewat is the Director of International Live Production and Veterinary Service for Tyson Foods, Inc. He is based at Tyson’s corporate Headquarters in Springdale, AR. Prior to his role in Tyson’s International Group, Dr. Hewat was the Director of Veterinary Services where he worked in the Live Production Operations Group and was responsible for Tyson’s Veterinary Team and for a variety of veterinary issues at Tyson. Currently, Dr. Hewat works with Tyson’s International Live Production Operations in many areas within the integrated poultry production system. Dr. Hewat works with the Tyson Teams in China and India along with some of Tyson’s domestic operations.

Dr. Hewat received his B.S. in Poultry Science and his D.V.M. from North Carolina State University. He also received his M.A.M. from the University of Georgia. He is a diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians and a member of the American Association of Avian Pathologists and the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Hewat and his wife, Angie, have three children (Will, Emma and Gracie) and they live in Goshen, AR. Recently, Dr. Hewat purchased a small farm and he and his family enjoy working with his small herd of beef cattle and sheep. When he is not working or traveling, Bill enjoys woodworking, hunting, fishing, and reading and is an active member of the First United Presbyterian Church.


Jagbir Singh Dhull

Managing Director Skylark Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd, India
Mr.Jagbir Singh Dhull founded Skylark Hatcheries, one of the most renowned integrated player in the poultry industry in North India, in 1985 in association with Mr Jasbir Singh. The group now boasts of a diverse portfolio which includes grandparent stock, parent stock, hatcheries, broiler contract farming, feed production, and poultry processing, largescale mechanized farming and equipment fabrication. Mr Dhull has an unwavering commitment towards quality, excellence and strategic integration. He has always focused on delivering high quality products and services to customers. Having a winning edge in terms of product quality, consistency, fulfilling commitments, after sale services and technological innovations, Skylark has developed a brand name in the organized integrated poultry industry in the country.

Mr. Jagbir Singh Dhull is also the chairman of the Poultry Federation of India.


Hassan Sarosh Akram

Technical Director, Quality Poultry Breeders, Pakistan
Dr Hassan Sarosh Akram is a Technical Director of Quality Poultry Breeders , Pakistan. He achieved his D.V.M degree from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore in 1982. He worked in Disease Diagnostic Lab, Poultry Research Institute, Rawalpindi from 1983 to 1988. Then he joined an International Breeding company based in USA as a technical Director in 1988 and started providing technical services to the Middle East and South East Asia. He has been involved with Broiler Grand Parent Operation in Quality Poultry Breeders, Pakistan since 1990. Quality Breedrs is also a sole distributor of Hyline Int. Layers.

Dr Hassan Sarosh had been President of Rawalpindi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry in 2006-7 and also was the Chairman of Pakistan Poultry Association for 2011- 12.


Angelo Paolo L. Obregon

Breeder Veterinarian, Gama Foods Corporation
Graduated as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at UP Los Banos – April 2011. Work as Broiler Field Veterinarian at GAMA Foods Corporation 2011 to 2014. Promoted to Breeder Veterinarian at GAMA Foods Corporation 2015.

Dr. Angelo spearheaded all trials at GAMA farms. Angelo Paolo L. Obregon

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